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Welcome to Rewild Your Mind, Rewild University’s first online rewilding course.

Wait. Online rewilding? Really?

nature notebook
I know. When I first started my RewildU YouTube channel, I thought: What am I doing? The way to connect people with nature and their innate wisdom is by getting them outside! Not by getting them to sit in front of a computer!

autumn leafWell, I’ve had that sentiment shaken. While I get to work with a few people a year at Rewild University, my YouTube videos have allowed me to reach thousands of people around the globe. On a daily basis, I get to hear how these videos have inspired people to climb trees, take a cold shower, change their diets, or embark on an extended wilderness adventure. Technology is with us, and it can have positive uses. If five minutes in front of a computer can inspire someone to spend five days in the woods, well . . . I think that’s a good use of video technology.

When you invest in the Rewild Your Mind course, you’ll receive:

Nine inspirational videos, including videos that explain how to . . .

  • stackedstonesFree yourself of physical and emotional debt (which leads to financial debt)
  • Expand your awareness
  • Replace a judging mind with a curious mind
  • Take control of your mind’s “RPM”
  • Harness the incredible power of one of our culture’s biggest fears — boredom
  • Open our senses
  • Find the world’s best medicine, called “Shinrin Yoku”.

You’ll also get an additional six “practice” videos that will help you apply rewilding skills on a daily basis, along with twelve text-based practices that will suggest even more ways to integrate rewilding into your life.

I’ve focused on rewilding the mind as the first course, since laying that foundation allows easier change in other areas of our lives. I’m envisioning future courses that include rewilding our health, our relationships, our lives, and a final “deep rewilding” course, which shares many of the most immersive and transformative work that we do with students at RewildU.

The video below will help you understand what rewilding is, and why it will change your life in a way that no other self-help or self-development program can.

While all of my online offerings, up until now, have been free, I’m asking for a small tuition investment for this course. Why? I’m aiming to devote more of my energies toward video outreach, and your investment will allow that to happen.

To begin your Rewild Your Mind online video course, we ask for a tuition investment of $20. We also accept tuition payments of $35 and $50 (or more!) if you wish to help us further RewildU’s mission. Finally, if you decide that you don’t want to pay any tuition, but still want to take the course, you can write to Kenton at and he will give you a password for free.

Enter your tuition price below ($20 or more) and click to enroll!

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Rewild Your Mind Online Course — 38 Comments

  1. Hello. I have followed your videos on Youtube for about 6-7 months now and it has helped me in many ways already. From curing embarrassing facial skin rashes with cold showers to learning the true wonders of being in nature and the fun of cold conditioning. My mood always lights up when i see your videos or pictures on Facebook, very inspirational. 🙂 Thank you! I want to dive deeper into your lessons and tips so this online course sounds perfect 🙂

  2. the part where you talked about our ancesters, AMAZING makes so much sense, makes me think why we live in the world of today. also do you think it’s a good idea to buy a forest and live in it, grow your own food, make your own little house(half way in the ground would be ideal), grow your own medicine, and sell the food that you have left to a biological store that only wants food that isn’t sprayed and such things. what do you think of this plan?? it’s an awesome way to connect with your tru self

    • I love this vision, Quinten! In fact, my current student is looking at land and is thinking of doing just such a thing, only in a community where many people could live that way. Not only would it be good for ourselves and the world, it would be fun!

      =) Kenton

  3. Hi Kenton!

    Your thinking is perfectly in sync with my own! Always greatly enjoy your videos on Youtube and only thanks to you I can now make a fire with a hand drill 🙂
    So you are known on this side of the great ocean too (Sweden)!
    You are truly living my dream in many ways even though I have a long way to go to acquire the skills you possess.

    Really looking forward to your online course, I do hope it’s open for students outside of USA? I was hoping to see you personally this summer after an offer was made by some family in the States to pay for my trip over, but alas it came with too many requirements. It would have been great though, since their summer house is in Oconomowoc which is not impossibly far from where you are I believe.

    If you ever feel like checking out northern Sweden I will do everything I can to help you.

    All the best!

    • Hi Matti!

      Thank you! It means so much to know when the videos help someone out. And so cool that you can get a hand drill fire!

      The online course is definitely open to students outside the USA! Thanks for sharing where you are from — I’m sorry we won’t get to meet in person, but perhaps at some time in the future — as you noted, Oconomowoc is not far from Menomonie!

      Finally, thank you for your gracious offer! I may just take you up on it at some point!

      =) Kenton

    • Hi Julian!

      You can join at any time you like, and it will never fill up — we’ll have this course available indefinitely, with more courses to come!

      =) Kenton

  4. Kenton, I am so excited to tell all of my friends who were envious of Ayden and I’s month with you that they are able to do this course! This is such a wonderful idea that will reach so many people!

  5. Hi Kenton….I have been watching your videos….powerful stuff and inspiring. I am wondering if the on-line class videos are the same as the youtube videos or are they more in-depth? peace

    • Hi Lynda!

      I’m so glad you’ve found value in the YouTube videos! The online course videos are designed to go more in-depth, since the YT videos are meant for a larger audience, and the course videos are specifically for people hoping to venture deeper into transforming their mindset. I’ve also included practices with each chapter to help cultivate the rewilded mind, so my hope is that people will benefit not only from the videos, but from being able to add these practices to their lives.

      Thanks for asking!

      =) Kenton

      • Thank you so much for your reply Kenton! Wonderful! I am looking forward to signing up for your on-line course! I was doing some research for a dream project and discovered you….it was a “things come to you at the right time” gift. Peace, lynda

        • Wonderful Lynda! Remember, if you are in a place where you don’t have extra money or you would just enjoy not paying for the course, I’m happy to give people the course for free. I’m delighted that this “came at the right time” for you, and I truly hope you find some great gems in the course!

          With gratitude,

  6. Thank you so very much for the wonderful offer of being able to experience this course for free Kenton. I am humbled and would very much feel blessed to have the opportunity to take advantage of your kind offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift you have offered. I am excited to have this opportunity to venture deeper into tranformation…I know there so many gems to be discovered. Thank you again so very much. Peace, lynda

  7. Hello Kenton,
    I have followed you for years on YouTube, and am a large fan of yours. I have practiced survival, bushcraft and primitive skills for several years now. I was curious if your online corse teaches any primitive skills as well as the transformations that you mention in this first video. It is something I have wanted to expand on for awhile now and would.. I suppose you could say “spike” my interest more.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, Joe

    • Hi Joe!

      Thanks so much — it means a lot to hear that my videos have inspired you! This course does not include any primitive skills — it’s just about making mental shifts that aid not only in our bushcraft experiences, but in our everyday lives. I may do a course in the future that focuses on skills, but the next courses we have planned will be aimed more toward rewilding routes that don’t include the primitive skills.

      So great to hear that you’ve been keeping these skills alive, my friend!

      =) Kenton

      • I still may take this corse and pay. I would love to one day maybe come up to your school. You’re around 3 hours from me. You are a massive inspiration sir, and I hope you keep doing what you are doing. My dream is to one day open a wilderness living/ survival school. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get started. If that is a conversation for another time and place I understand. It’s a honor just to speek with you.
        Thank you 🙂

        • Hi Joe!

          I’m happy to share! In fact, my wish is that people who go through my courses start something similar on their own — I have a vision of many mentor-based schools like this throughout the world, where people can spend a month or a year making some major changes in their lives.

          I began as a personal trainer, then as a private martial arts teacher. Because I love relating to people, I would always end up helping people with emotional issues they were having. That led to working with some “troubled teens”, and being able to help them through some addiction problems by taking them out into nature. Finally, I decided to combine the fitness, the martial arts, and the nature skills, and just put out a flyer and some craigslist ads telling people about the 11-month program I had created. An alternate method I often suggest is to put up a flyer at your library or local co-op and offer a simple class, like basic firestarting or “3 wild edibles”. Charge a small amount for a two-hour class, maybe $10. From there, you build your client based and your skills as a teacher, slowly offering more classes and more in-depth classes. In this way, your school can grow and evolve as a side business, and when it is large enough, you can quick your regular job and take the plunge into doing it full-time! The mentor-based method, I think, is one that is underused and could work for a lot of people. You have to charge more tuition because it is one-on-one or small group, but the flip side is that you only have to get one or two students a year.

          I hope this helps a little!

          =) Kenton

  8. I remember watching one of your videos, and you suddenly threw out the word ‘Parkour,’ which I wasn’t expecting. I love that that’s how you refer to the movement that you do in the woods. I’ve been training for over 4 years, and it’s something that has been a help in discovering my wild self. I’ve watched many of your videos, along with others and embracing the rewild philosophy. It’s difficult to take that step, but I feel it tugging at me. I also love that you’re in Menomonie; I’m from New Berlin!

    • Hi Tyler!

      So cool that you’re close by! I bet it would be fun to have you out for some woods parkour fun sometime! I’ve been thinking about putting together a big game-based challenge for my student Matt, and trying to recruit a few parkoury people for an overnight game (or maybe even longer). Possibly this fall or spring. Interested?

      How old is your little one?

      =) Kenton

  9. Hi Kentnon !

    Just wanted to say how thankfull I am for all the good you made thru your videos on youtube. I never post comments on any website, but this time I felt necessaty to expess how gratefull I was for it. You, by simply beeing who you are, helped me make some major, positive changes in my life !
    Unfortunately, due to lack of money and distance (i’m writing this from France), I won’t be able to assist any of your courses (for now). However, despite the fact I never bought anything online, I’ll buy the RewildU online course !
    Keep en sreading the good spirit !
    With love

    • Thank you Gerald! I hope you find many treasures in the course, and want to extend my gratitude for your words and support!

      With love,

  10. Kenton, when I log in, how do I get to the current chapter that I`m at? I fumble with this daily til it`s found and can never remember how I get there. Embaressed to ask but feel there is no such thing as a stupid question. Thanks Kenton- Dave

    • Dave, I wish I had an intelligent answer to your “stupid question”, which isn’t stupid at all =)

      If I remember correctly, I designed the course so that it doesn’t automatically take you to your last chapter, because I wanted people to be able to jump around as they wished. So I created a navigation page in the course that will take you to a place where you have easy links to any chapter in the program. I hope this helps!

      With love,

  11. Hi. I’m from Norway, my name is Tommy and i’m 23 years old. I began life as an incredibly healthy being, very active and very very happy. I trained martial arts every single day except for weekends as well as i was developing my muscles. I was always smiling to the world around me and i was always met with happy people smiling and laughing back to me, i was always good to people. Now, without going too deep, i now live a depressive life, i recently got off drugs and i want to claim my life back, i take coffee whenever i can i’m also addicted to nicotin I also have sleeping issues. I’ve also awakened to a panic attack once, my spirit is torn and i don’t have lust to do what i used to love, the things that fueled my soul. I’m not overweight and i have been off drugs for almost 4 years now. I’m eating somewhat healthy with little to no sugar. It’s like i’m stuck in another persons life. I’m not me anymore. Please, show me your ways

    • Hi Tommy — I replied in the video comment section. I think you’ll find some great things here to aid you on your journey. Check out the other comment for more info!

      You can do this!!!

      With love,

  12. My life quality started to fall down at age 14 and i have never been the same since, i’m always inside on the computer. I’m not even entirely sure where i went wrong. i’m not here for petty, i seek only guidance

  13. Hi Kenton, I’ve watched a few of your video on youtube and find them very interesting. I am interested in seeing one of your online course video to help me decide. Is it possible to see one (any one) before I commit? Thanks for considering. I love what you’re doing and just wonder if I can stay with it.

  14. interesting concept of people not truly feeling alive and comfort themselves by watching TV to overcome it because I know that I have experienced it but by watching your YouTube videos its made me a more mindful person and think more positive also the cold showers really help and make you feel so much better for the whole day so thanks and keep doing what your doing.

  15. We are like donkeys, with a restricted vision, to whom is offerd a stupid carrot (perhaps a plastic one) by the “culture” / “education” and the media, and we follow the carrot suspended from a stick no even knoing where are we going…
    Kenton is helping us get rid of the carrot, and the funnel-vision and many burdens… He does not shows paths or do choices for us… he helps in our timid crawling…perhaps in a step or two… Run donkey, eat the green grass…hey, what is grass? Kick, donkey, kick…!
    Listen to the silence… be busy doing nothing… roll in the dirt… just spend an afternoon in the rain…
    You will never get that giant shiny UMV or a pink Rolls-Royce… but, with luck and perseverance you might became yourself and a human again…!
    Peace and blessings
    J LimpFox

    • My friend, those are some powerful words, and I’m honored that you feel I’m doing such a good job of guiding. I believe in human beings, and I’m glad that shines through. I hope you get a lot of these videos my fox-kin!

      With love,
      Kenton =)

  16. Thank you so much for your videos Kenton, you’ve really inspired me to hold onto the things that really matter!
    I’m really interested in taking this course to help escape the mental, socially enforced bubble of student life’s in the UK, however, my studies do not allow time for employment so I am unable to make a financial contribution. Is there a way I can contribute to your work or community which is not monetary?


    • Hi Doro!

      That is such a beautiful thought — asking if there are other ways you could contribute. I think the best way you could contribute is simply by continuing your own personal growth and exploration — you have obviously already taken the care to grow yourself into someone who is thoughtful and giving — and that is a gift to the whole world!

      Please accept the course as a gift — I will send a coupon code and instructions to your email!

      With love,
      Kenton =)

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