Together, we can create a world where artisans can support their families, where wilderness schools become a part of every person’s education, and where it’s easy (and normal) to live in a way that enhances our well-being, our community, and the world.

We hope that this listing can play a small part in that vision, by giving access to artisans, schools, and websites that will support your journey into rewilding, bushcraft, and re-connection with nature and self. If you have a resource that you feel would fit in this list, please contact Kenton at rewilduniversity (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Artisans and Crafters

YouTube Channels on Bushcraft/ReWilding/Ancestral Skills

Other Websites of Interest


Located in Minnesota North of the Twin Cities, North Winds Wilderness School is a brand new idea in Human Rewilding. We Offer classes in Primitive living skills, wilderness survival, Rewilding philosophy, Awareness, and more. We offer our classes in bites that are manageable to most people being only a day here or a weekend there rather having to commit to a long term class in internship. You can find what you are looking for at North Winds!


earth-strength-logoBased in Spain, you can discover new skills, explore the capabilities of your mind and body, and spend time with some incredible people. Catering to an international audience, they offer a range of programs that will guide and inspire you on your rewilding journey. One of the most balanced schools I’ve seen anywhere, they recognize that rewilding incorporates not only skills, but the essentials of mindful awareness and movement.



Seekers Wild is right here in Wisconsin, offering survival and rewilding programs for children and adults alike. With an incredible philosophy, gorgeous surroundings, and passionate, skilled instructors, you’ll find your connection with nature, self and community strengthened when you take part in any of their programs.


Adventure in New Mexico with Eric Mora, “D Explora” as he shares his passion and skills in this gorgeous environment. If you’re a veteran, check out his offerings, including special expeditions that are free for men and women who have served our country in the military.


Wilderness Awareness School is a national not-for-profit nature education organization established in 1983 and based in Duvall, Washington.

Our dynamic wilderness education courses combine ancient and modern  ecological wisdom, and empower people of all ages to become stewards,  mentors and leaders. Over the past two decades, Wilderness Awareness  School has grown from a small group of visionary individuals to a leading  national organization impacting the course of nature education, and  inspiring many schools and individuals across the country and the world to share our teachings and curriculum.

Our mentoring approach honors individuality, encourages self-sufficiency  in learning, and awakens a kinship with nature as it trains youth and  adults to blend the awareness of a native tracker with the knowledge  of a wildlife biologist. Our wilderness education courses draw on traditions  from indigenous cultures world-wide, emphasizing nature as teacher,  routines to enhance awareness, storytelling, self-motivated learning,  and tracking as an interpretive tool.

At our flagship adult program the Anake Outdoor Schoolyou experience 9 months of in-depth  training in a powerful set of nature awareness and wilderness survival  skills. You are guided through field studies focused on:

– primitive wilderness survival skills
– wild edible plant preparations
– principles of leadership
– nature-based mentoring skills
– wildlife tracking techniques
– bird language studies

At Anake Outdoor School you will develop a deep and intimate  relationship with the natural world. This life-changing wilderness  experience is grounded in a powerful, community-oriented  philosophy of learning . Your year is informed by the legacy of indigenous cultures from around the  world. Each experience is crafted around a cutting-edge understanding of our  natural heritage as human beings.


Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive SchoolThomas J. Elpel rocks!
Based in Montana, he works to bridge wilderness skills with modern sustainable living practices. Students and interns can learn everything from friction fire to creating sustainable businesses. Thomas is passionate about what he does, and works extensively with children, helping to instill a love of nature from an early age. There’s tons of great material on his site, and his books cover a lot of the same material that I present in my Metamorphosis program. Check out Botany in a Day, Roadmap to Reality, and all his others. Keep up the awesome work, Thomas!



Ancestral Skills and Primitive Technology Websites: | Inspiring Nature Connection in New England — A superb natural history, birding, tracking, and wild food website. You’ll learn TONS.

Eat the Weeds — An awesome website with an immense wealth of articles on edible wild plants. This is my new go-to online source for checking out if a plant I’ve ID’ed is edible, and Green Deane provides a host of other info on each plant. Thanks Green Deane!

Forager’s Harvest — Samuel Thayer’s books are, in my opinion, the best wild edible guides out there. His website offers additional information on wild edible plants, dvds/books/wild foods for sale, Sam’s appearance schedule, and much more.

ReWild Portland — (From their website Mission Statement) Rewild Portland is a non-profit artist collective. Our mission is to create cultural and environmental resilience through the education of earth-based arts, traditions, and technology. Our mission comes to life in the form of educational workshops, community-building events, art shows and ecological restoration.

Owen’s Ancestral Skills and Primitive Tech — Owen is a humble and skilled teacher who produces some great videos on survival skills. Better yet, he travels, so you’ll get to learn skills that pertain to other ecosystems.

Society of Primitive Technology — A group dedicated to preserving and teaching a wide range of primitive skills, including knapping, cordage, shelter building, fire starting, and much, much more.

Bushcraft Bartons — A site with gear reviews, skills, and a deep appreciation of the natural world. The couple are Christian, and bring their faith into the things they share.

We Are WildnessA rewilding website that is the home of the 30-day rewilding challenge.



Artisans and Crafters:

Bison Bows – Self-Style Hunting Bows — The most beautiful bows I’ve ever seen, and made without power tools. These are truly hand-made. And I can’t say enough good things about David Dill, the craftsman. A truly heart-felt person who is putting amazing bows into the hands of people who love archery.

Ernest Custom KnivesStunning knives, including damascus and incredible hand-work. These are definitely dream-knives for outdoors adventurers.

Wolfe Customs Top-quality handmade leather gear. No sewing machines here! His pouches and bags are customized to carry fire starting kits and your specific equipment. Great guy and highly skilled leatherworker.

MadeOfLeatherThis etsy shop is responsible for the leather quiver in my Incredible Handmade Leather Quiver video. She is an incredible craftswoman. Check out her Etsy store to see her work.

R.K. LodgesA Minnesota-based couple who make a wide range of canvas tents, tipis, and more. We purchased our tipi from them for ReWild University’s ancestral camp. Great prices (much below the big-name  makers), great quality . . . what more could you ask?

MRC Custom Leather — Owned by leather craftsman Mike Carlson, MRC Custom Leather specializes in making hand crafted custom leather goods, one at a time, with love in the Old World Tradition. Everything is done by hand with as much respect to sustainability as possible while still crafting quality pieces that you will hand down to your kids some day.



YouTube Channels on Bushcraft/ReWilding/Ancestral Skills:

Adventure ArchivesI love what these guys are doing! Using their incredible filming skills, they take you along on adventures, as well as share skills, foods, and techniques that they used on their journeys. This is what TV should be!

GrierwolfeSuperb instructional videos with Grierwolfe’s signature dry humor. He’s a great teacher, and does a lot to connect the YouTube bushcraft community.

Scouting FreeScouting  Free shares gear reviews, cooking, skills, and he has a great sense of humor. Lots of great material here!

Many TreesAn incredible bushcrafter, he shares some skills that you probably won’t see anywhere else.

Survive WithoutExtreme testing of bushcraft theories and gear, skills tutorials, and he even takes us along on some of his amazing adventures.

Our Cloud 9 — Bushcraft skills done by kids? You bet. This is a really fun, inspiring channel.

The Grayman(Channel Owner’s description) Hi, Grayman here, on my YouTube channel I show and share real skills and knowledge of survival and bushcraft skills that I believe are REAL! I believe that we, the survival and bushcraft community, are one of the friendliest and most willing to help communities and I stick to that myself! I have been practicing and learning these skills for 19 years now. So if you want to learn REAL skills and be shown and learn easily, then come and take a look at my videos and I hope to have your feedback.

Agile WoodsmanMike Carlson has been an nature lover since he was a kid. While the other kids were playing ball, Mike was laying in the grass or a snowdrift somewhere watching the patterns of Nature. Here he explores Bushcraft and the outdoors in a way that promotes harmony with and respect for Nature.



Other Websites:

Wild Words — A wonderful site inspiring writers who explore nature and the human/wild connection. Share your writing and stories! Bridget also offers writing classes and workshops! Check it out =)


The Intentional Communities Directory If you’ve dreamed of “finding your tribe”, this directory might just lead you to a community that will nurture your intention to live more deliberately.

Survival International — An organization devoted to helping tribal peoples throughout the world retain their lifeways. From their Vision Statement: “Our vision is for a world where tribal peoples are recognized and respected; an end to the unjust treatment tribal peoples are subjected to; and a world where tribal peoples are free to live on their own lands, safe from violence, oppression and exploitation.”

Rooted Emerging: Vanessa Osage facilitates coming-of-age programs and other Rites of Passage in Washington State. Her website includes a journal of interesting reflections.

Hesperian Health Guides — This invaluable resource provides pdf downloads of a number of medical guides meant for workers in areas where no doctors can be found. This is the kind of medical knowledge that we all need to know when we’re far afield, or in the event of a natural or man-made disaster where medical care is no longer available.

The Living Wild Project — A native plant project from California. Includes some information on the edible/medicinal properties of some common plants under the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter heading on their main page.