You’ve dreamed of something that will change your life and break you free from the bonds that have been holding you back. Your personal Metamorphosis is waiting for you. Metamorphosis is a mentor-based, customizable human rewilding program, offering programs from one month long to one year.

gatewayYou: Deeply passionate about making real change in your life, and motivated to enact that change. In love with nature. Eager to test yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Ready to question everything. Desirous of wanting to make the world a more positive place through fulfilling your own potential. Ready to encounter your fears and insecurities.

Metamorphosis: A dedicated time in your life, from one month to one year, during which you will receive personalized mentoring and training to unleash your full potential as a human being, and to deepen your connection with nature, Self, and your concept of God or Spirit. Metamorphosis can include —

Regaining your body’s strength through primal fitness.

morelRestoring your health through rewilding your diet.

Discovering your own martial art.

Reconnecting with nature.

Survival/Prepping skills.

Meditation, awareness, and mindfulness.


Ancestral and wilderness living skills.

Exploring the essence of reality and the human experience.

You have a natural birthright to abundant health, vitality, awareness,
and a clear, serene mind. We live in a culture that can blind us to that birthright.
ReWilding is the process of taking your birthright back. 

When people ask me if I enjoyed my experience at ReWild University I tell them I would go back in a heart beat. There is a certain magic to this place that the website doesn’t express. You go expecting to learn a lot of cool skills and you leave receiving that and so much more. With anything, how much you enjoy a “subject” depends on how the teacher teaches it. Kenton is not only a master at what he is teaching but he has a spirit of joy and peace and a passion for helping people reach their fullest potential. If you’re thinking about joining the ReWild family but aren’t sure, take a chance and do it. You will not regret it, in fact, you’ll probably regret leaving. Not only did I learn how to make a bow, woodland parkour, how to make fire in several different ways, how to ninja breathe, and so much more, but I also learned that there are people in the world whose presence is peaceful, whose joy is plentiful, and that it is magnificent to be surrounded by such people.
— Julia King, One-Month Metamorphosis graduate

You can take part in Metamorphosis as an individual, or as a family or group. We do not bring on more than four students at a time (except in rare cases where a family takes part in a program and joins an existing group), so you always receive personalized attention. As an individual, your stay may be solitary, or may include a “tribe” of up to three other students.

For our hunter-gatherer ancestors, as well as many modern humans who are re-connecting with their wild nature, members of the Cervid tribe are teachers, creatures of indescribable beauty, and also a source of food.What makes ReWild University’s Metamorphosis program different?

You'll no longer feel lost in a world that doesn't make sense. Your natural self has every answer you've ever sought. There are plenty of outdoor schools where you can learn how to start a fire without matches, identify wild edibles, or track. You can learn all those things at ReWildU, but here we go much deeper, using those skills as a pathway to discovering your own inner wildness. Instead of seeing nature as something “out there” where you can “survive” if you have enough skills or equipment, you’ll come to see nature as something inside you. Through adventure, experiencing the elemental forces of nature, and “remembering” the ancient skills of your ancestors, you’ll awaken a part of you that has long been asleep. This sleeping wild-thing is your most joyous, capable, powerful, serene, curious, and adventurous Self.

This program is highly intensive, and most students hit moments when they want to quit. You’ll be immersed in the challenges of the season, whether that is mosquitoes, blizzards, or near-tropical heat. You’ll encounter long stretches of solitude and silence. You’ll be challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally. And you’ll be asked to challenge long-held (and sometimes cherished) paradigms. To meet these challenges, you must be ready to explore the power of love, surrender, curiosity, and release, rather than will and discipline. In the end, Metamorphosis is a spiritual experience, helping us to develop a deeper relationship with our concept of God, Enlightenment, or Spirituality.

You'll explore caves, forests, ravines, and secret places where humans seldom tread. Adventure will become your teacheClaiming Your Natural Birthright

You recognize that our “civilized” life dulls your mind and body. You know that you can regain the strength, clarity of mind, passion, and power of your ancestors. You’re ready to break free of the chains and reclaim your birthright. You’re ready for your personal Metamorphosis.

Some of What You’ll Experience

You’ll learn to take on any challenge, from the stresses of daily life to the end of the world as we know it. You’ll remember ancestral skills, learning to coax fire from stone or stick, to gather plants that heal and provide food, and to move through the wilderness with the ease and quietness of a wolf. You’ll have the option to learn homesteading skills, including organic gardening, maple syruping, and beekeeping. You’ll swordfight on ridgetops, discover glowing mushrooms as you explore the night forest, and meet challenges and adventures that others only dream of. This is a unique opportunity to unleash your inner wildness and discover a way of living that will make you wake up each morning excited for the day to come.

You'll begin to understand the hidden languages in nature, reading ice, stone, tracks, and clouds as your connection with nature deepens.When I started the Metamorphosis program, I considered myself an avid and knowledgeable outdoorsman, physically fit, with some knowledge of martial arts. Kenton’s program was one of the best-spent months of my life! Wherever life might take me, whether to a dangerous city street or to being lost in the woods, I am now much more confident in my own abilities to not become another statistic! On top of Kenton’s demonstrated wealth of knowledge in wilderness survival, martial arts, and fitness training, he also equipped me with tools to help me find deeper appreciation and wonder in the life all around us! This program took me to the edge of my limits and beyond, and I had tons of fun doing it, too!
– Adam Unger, One-month Metamorphosis graduate

What You’ll Learn

We teach a variety of skills as pathways to awakening your natural vitality, awareness, and health. Our curriculum is divided into six skill areas. Offerings vary with the seasons and with instructor availability.

  • Nature gives us endless opportunities to explore our potential as human beings.Wilderness and Ancestral Skills — From tent-and-sleeping-bag camping to immersion wilderness “survival”, you will learn firemaking, shelter building, knapping, and much more.
    Awareness and the Primal Mindset — Tracking, mindfulness, wild meditation, exploring our cultural conditioning, and opening your senses helps to cultivate your natural, serene, emotionally balanced, aware mind.
  • Primal Fitness — Your body’s natural agility, strength, flexibility, endurance and health are all eroded by a culture that keeps us sitting. You’ll learn how to replace boring “exercise” with a love of movement, and discover how easy it is to stay fit when you awaken your sense of play.
  • Homesteading Skills and Folk Crafts — From organic gardening and wild permaculture to weaving baskets, making kefir, or spinning tipiautumnwool, our teachers can help you to become less dependent on supermarkets and stores. You can make or grow almost anything yourself!
  • Wild Foods and Medicines, and the Real Primal Diet — There is a bounty of wild, free, healthy food available through the use of ancestral hunting and gathering skills. You’ll learn how to add wild plants, nuts, and mushrooms to your diet, how to hunt and trap without modern weapons, and how to shift your diet for optimal health and vitality.
  • Martial Arts — Martial arts offer a unique doorway into our primal consciousness as we learn to deal with highly complex situations without conscious thought. Pulling from a variety of hybridized styles means that we can create your own, personalized art that is optimal for your body and philosophy.


At times, we have other teachers available to share additional skills, such as yoga, tai chi, and more.

What is the actual training like?

We’ll custom-design a program for you that meets your needs and desires. Training is within a unique atmosphere where you are nurtured even as you are challenged. Intimidation or military-style discipline is never used. Our primary training tool is adventure, moving beyond our pre-conceived comfort levels in order to experience amazing things.

If you choose to include martial arts training in your program, we'll use the wilderness as our dojo, training in all conditions and terrains.Each week, you’ll hold to a basic schedule, four days of which are “session days” with a 3-hour session with an instructor. During these sessions we will focus on specific skills, scenario challenges, or adventures. Two days are “solo days” where you will be given training tasks or challenges by your instructors. One day is your “free day” where we ask that you give yourself a day of rest and fun exploration. If you are living on-site, the rest of your time is filled with cooking, exploring the land, meditating, swimming, gathering wild edibles, or preparing for upcoming seasonal shifts if you are doing a longer-term program.

In addition, you may have overnights, day-longs, or other adventures or challenges that your instructors put before you.

Here are a few “Adventure Journal” entries that detail some actual training that clients have experienced –

The Quest for the Cathedral of Stone
Ice Cold Adventures
Winter Tracking Adventures

Kenton has worked with people from all walks of life. He opens the doorway for nature to become your teacher as you face challenges others only dream of. Here, a client starts a matchless fire during a training scenario where she first plunged through ice into freezing water.Our Current Metamorphosis Programs —

Metamorphosis Workshops — A convenient and economical way to get one-on-one training when it works for you. Each three-hour workshop will combine learning, fun, and adventure as we focus on the specific skills you want to cover.

Custom-Length Metamorphosis — You choose a duration between one month and twelve months, and choose to live off-site or on-site. Off-site students arrange their own living situation nearby (we are 8 miles from the nearest sizeable town), and come to the training grounds four times a week for their training. This allows for people who need to work and carry on a “normal” life during their training. On-site students live in our primitive camp, in tipis, tents, or natural shelters, for the duration of their training, and will be busy with the everyday tasks of living, so will not be able to work during their training.

Metamorphosis Retreats —

Designed for a solo or couples, this is the ‘plush’ version of Metamorphosis =)

The Weekend Metamorphosis Retreat — You’ll stay for two days in our pond-side yurt and receive ten to twelve hours of one-on-one teaching. We’ll work together to create your personalized program that focuses on the specific skills you desire, from mindfulness to primal fitness to wilderness skills.

I would recommend this program to a wide variety of people. Kenton offers a diverse menu of challenges, explorations and adventures which function on many levels at once, to help his clients gain strength, self-knowledge and reliance. Our society largely ignores self-observation and actual experimentation, which we as human beings need in order to understand ourselves, even as adults. Kenton is a marvelous planner and support person, willing to help his clients attain their goals, and offering fun and exciting challenges along with unparalleled personal attention.
— Sara Nagler, Metamorphosis 11-month program graduate.

Interested in taking part in the Metamorphosis Training Program?

Nothing like Metamorphosis is offered anywhere else in the world. If you’d like to learn more, contact Kenton directly so that you can have all of your questions answered and so that you can decide if Metamorphosis is for you. If you’re local, he’ll be happy to meet with you in person. Kenton reserves the right to refuse participants based on assessment of their attitude and willingness to devote themselves to the program.

The lines between you and nature will become blurred, until you feel at home among the trees, the stones, and the animals. You'll never be lonely again.Tuition:

Metamorphosis 3 Hour Workshops

$165 per person.
Family rate — $100 per family member.

Weekend Metamorphosis Retreat  

Solo — $1,200
Pair — $800 each
Family — $1,800 total

Metamorphosis Monthly Training

Living off-site training, per month (Eleven months maximum) — $2,000 USD

Living on-site, immersion-style training, per month (Eleven months maximum) — $2,800 USD

**Our pond-side yurt is sometimes available for student accommodations at an additional tuition cost of $300 USD per month per student.

Important Note: The Metamorphosis Monthly Training Tuition is for semi-private training. This means that if you are the only student currently enrolled, your training will be solo, while if other students are enrolled, your will be training with those students. Our maximum number of students is four, so you will always receive personalized attention. If you are seeking private, one-on-one training, contact Kenton to discuss possibilities.

To Enroll: First, watch some of Kenton’s YouTube videos on the ReWild University YouTube channel. You’ll get to see his teaching style and decide if his style is for you. If you leave some comments, he can get to know you a little as well. Then contact Kenton directly to discuss program openings and options.



Metamorphosis — 2 Comments

  1. This sounds like the perfect place to be in spirit,mind,and body.
    The last couple of years i have come to the realization that
    I don’t like what i have become. I really need to get back to where life s good.and simple. Wish i could afford to check out your program!

    • Hello John!

      I wish that programs like this could be available to everyone who wanted to partake, and as I train “teachers”, I hope that more and more people begin offering Metamorphosis-type programs. This shouldn’t be available only to the few! I do offer partial scholarships and payment plans, and try to work with people if they’re really motivated to participate. Of course, nature herself is the best teacher of all, and she’s free =)